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At IEA Clean Coal Centre webinars our expert authors give presentations on the findings of their latest reports. Webinars usually take place on the second Wednesday of the month at midday (UK Time). If you are unable to attend the event live, they can be viewed at any time after the event from this page.

NOx control for high ash coal-fired plant. Our next webinar is on Wednesday 21 February at 12 noon (GMT), presented by Dr Maggie Wiatros-Motyka.

Many countries have strict emission limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and so NOx control systems are widely used on coal-fired power plants. India has recently introduced NOx emission limits so pollution control technologies will need to be installed. Two main issues will be considered:

1. The limited operational experience of NOx control systems in India. 

2. Indian coals have a high level of inherent ash which can influence the behaviour of some NOx control systems, and so affects the technology selection process.

The new Indian standards have created opportunities for equipment manufacturers, as well as a need for global technology leaders to modify their products to meet local market requirements, particularly high ash content coal. This webinar will review available NOx controls for coal-fired units in general. With examples of recent developments, systems that could be successfully applied in Indian power plants are identified. The challenges facing Indian utilities are also considered. 






IEA CCC webinars are free to attend, but a one-off registration is required with brightTALK ltd, who host our webinar channel. Register and view our webinars by clicking on the title of the one you wish to attend, then scroll down and click 'Attend'.   

Previous webinars
The presentations listed below can be downloaded in PDF form. If you have any queries or comments, please contact me at

Advanced systems and smart controls by Toby Lockwood
An overview of carbon capture systems by Robert Davidson
Application and development prospects of double-reheat coal-fired units by Kyle Nicol
Blending of coals to meet power station requirements by Lesley Sloss
China - policies, HELE technologies and CO2 reduction, by Qian Zhu
CCS challenges and opportunities in China, by Andrew Minchener


Co-utilisation of renewable energy with coal by Stephen Mills
Developments in CFBC by Qian Zhu 
Developments in oxycombustion technology by Toby Lockwood
Direct Injection Carbon Engine by Kyle Nicol
Emerging markets for pollution control technologies by Lesley Sloss
Emission standards and control of PM2.5 from coal-fired power plant by Xing Zhang


New regulatory trends: effects on coal-fired power plants and coal demand, by Hermine Nalbandian-Sugden
Next generation CCS technologies for coal-fired power plant, by Toby Lockwood
Non-greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plant in China, by Andrew Minchener
NOx control for high ash coal-fired plant, by Dr Maggie Wiatros-Motyka
Operating experience of low grade fuels in CFBC boilers, by Ian Barnes
Operating ratio and costs of coal power generation by Hermine Nalbandian-Sugden
Outlook for environmental equipment under new mercury emission regulations, by Lesley Sloss
Overcoming barriers to CCS through international collaboration
by Toby Lockwood
Potential for enhanced coalbed methane recovery by Lesley Sloss
Potential water sources for coal-fired power plant by Anne Carpenter
Power generation from coal using supercritical CO2 by Qian Zhu
Power plant CO2 heat integration by Colin Henderson
Pre-drying coal - technologies and economics by Nigel Dong
Prospects for clean coal technologies in Italy by Steve Mills
Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Greece by Steve Mills
Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in the Philippines by John Kessels    
Prospects for coal in Turkey by Stephen Mills
Prospects for HELE power plant uptake in India by Ian Barnes

Challenges and opportunities for coal gasification in developing countries, by Andrew Minchener
Climate implications of coal-to-gas substitution in power generation by Hermine Nalbandian
CO2 abatement in the iron and steel industry, by Anne Carpenter
Coal and gas competition in power generation by Nigel Dong
Coal and gas competition in power generation in Asia, by Nigel Dong
Coal contracts and long-term supplies by Paul Baruya
Coal beneficiation - Feedstock quality is key in raising coal-fired power station performance by Ian Reid
Coal mine site reclamation by Lesley Sloss
Coal prospects in southern Africa by Paul Baruya
Cofiring high ratios of biomass with coal by Rohan Fernando

Energy issues for Mongolia by Andrew Minchener
Environmental impacts from coal mining and transport by Lesley Sloss
Global forest resource for power generation fuels by Paul Baruya
HELE perspectives for selected Asian countries by Dr Ian Barnes
High efficiency power generation - alternative system concepts by Qian Zhu
Impacts of seaborne trade on coal importing countries by Paul Baruya 
Increasing the flexibility of coal-fired power plants by Colin Henderson
Innovative approaches to improving flexibility and emissions from coal-fired power plants by Stephen Mills
Legislation, standards and methods for mercury control by Lesley Sloss
Low quality coals - key commercial, environmental and plant considerations by Stephen Mills
Low water FGD technologies by Anne Carpenter
Management of coal combustion wastes by Xing Zhang
Microalgal removal of CO2 from flue gas by Xing Zhang

Recent developments is particulate control by Kyle Nicol
Retrofitting lignite plants to improve efficiency and performance by Ian Reid
Status of advanced ultrasupercritical pulverised coal-fired power plant by Kyle Nicol
Sustainability of biomass for cofiring by Debo Adams
Techno-economic analysis of PCC versus CFB combustion technology by Toby Lockwood
Trace element emissions from coal, by Herminé Nalbandian
Trends in financing of coal-fired plant by Paul Baruya
Understanding pulverised coal, waste and biomass combustion by Ian Barnes
Update on public outreach for CCS projects by Toby Lockwood
Upgrading and efficiency improvement in coal-fired power plants by Colin Henderson
Upgrading the efficiency of the world’s coal fleet to reduce CO2 emissions by Ian Barnes
Water availability and policies for the coal power sector by Anne Carpenter
Water conservation in coal-fired power plants by Anne Carpenter
What does the Minamata convention mean for coal? by Dr Lesley Sloss













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